About ERIC’s Members

An Exclusive, Influential Community

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) represents only large plan sponsors with 10,000 or more employees. ERIC members are leaders in every sector of the economy and ERIC represents solely their perspective as sponsors of health, retirement, and compensation plans for their workers and families across the country. With a small and focused membership of 100 companies, ERIC members have direct access to ERIC staff and lawmakers, stronger peer connections, and the ability to dive deeper into the details of the issues that matter to them.

Individuals at ERIC member companies typically serve in one of three roles:

  • Employee benefits design/administration/compliance
  • In-house legal counsel
  • Government relations

ERIC offers an exclusive forum for them to engage with their peers at other leading companies across all industry sectors, and to work with ERIC staff to shape legislation and regulations to suit their needs at the national, state, and local levels.

The ERIC membership does not represent individual consultants or vendors, other trade association or industry groups, or small/medium-sized companies under the 10,000-employee threshold.

How ERIC Membership Works

  • ERIC membership is for one year, renewable annually.
  • ERIC membership is a single corporate membership for a single price. There are no additional fees to attend ERIC meetings or calls, or to use ERIC resources, including the State Mandate Action Program™.
  • All interested benefits, legal, and government relations staff at a member company are welcome to become engaged with the ERIC membership at the activity level they choose.  
  • Each individual receives a unique login and can set his/her preferences for topics and frequency of communication. Individuals can also connect to peers through an online membership directory.

To learn more about the advantage of an ERIC membership, click here.

For information about becoming an ERIC member, please contact Deborah Chin, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, at (202) 627-1915 or dchin@eric.org.