Telehealth is an important option for employees. ERIC fights to make telehealth available across the country, convincing state legislatures, regulatory agencies, and medical boards not to restrict access or impose rules that impede the availability and usage of telehealth services.

Since 2015, ERIC has led a nationwide initiative to promote policies that facilitate access to telehealth, allowing employees and their families to access care—when and how they need it. ERIC’s goal is to enable all workers to have 24-hour access to first-rate health care for themselves and their families, regardless of where they live, delivered in the most appropriate mode possible. ERIC supports the delivery of telehealth services that are technology-neutral and that are not constrained by prerequisites or mandates on their cost or use. 

ERIC recognizes the significant opportunity provided by telehealth to modernize and improve health care in rural settings and urban underserved areas, as well as by providing barrier-free access to high-quality medical care to all workers, retirees and their families across the country.

Click here to read ERIC’s model telehealth legislation.

ERIC Encourages State Policies That:

AVOID imposing additional requirements on providers that offer telehealth services that are not imposed on in-person visits

AVOID restrictions that require patients to visit specific locations (e.g., “originating sites”) in order to access telehealth services

ADOPT technology-neutral requirements, permitting use of different types of technology platforms that are designed for telehealth

ADOPT licensing policies that facilitate inter-state practice so providers, located in or out of the state, who deliver high-quality care, can serve patients located in that state

CONSIDER the needs of patients to have better access to care that can be provided via telehealth, either through a telehealth visit or remote monitoring of health conditions

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