How ERIC Is Different From Other Groups

3 Things Make ERIC Different

ERIC Lobbies:

1.) Exclusively for large employers in their capacity as benefit plan sponsors

2.) On public policies impacting health, retirement, and compensation plans

3.) At all three levels of government—federal, state, and local

ERIC works to shape benefit policies before they shape you.

Here’s more about how ERIC supports member companies and the individual benefits they provide to benefitsin-house legal, and government affairs teams at major companies. 

Strategic, nimble, personal, and powerful—only ERIC provides the combination of intel, expertise,
collaboration, and lobbying that exclusively serves the interests of large employers who provide benefits to their nationwide workforce.

All Employee Benefits Covered:

ERIC advocates across the full spectrum of employee benefits and compensation matters—health, retirement, compensation, and wellness.

Effective Lobbying:

We go beyond keeping our members informed. We employ a seasoned team of experts and registered lobbyists who help shape the laws and regulations that impact large employers.

Large-Employer Driven:

ERIC represents exclusively the concerns of large employers who provide benefits to their own workforce. Our legislative experts work side-by-side with our large company members to identify their employer needs and deliver policy wins. We listen to you before acting—and act when you ask.

Intimate Community of Peers:

ERIC membership is made up of approximately 100 national corporations who are leaders in every sector of the economy. Being an ERIC member means engaging with peer companies, setting priorities, and shaping policy together. You can share policy concerns, benchmark, and build relationships in a trusted network of large plan sponsor peers. No trade associations or small employers are members.

Federal, State, and Local Influence:

It’s not enough just to be represented in Washington, D.C. We work wherever there are legislative bodies that affect our member companies. We deliver state-based wins for companies relating to paid leave, telehealth, state assessments on health plans, and state retirement plans.

Advocacy in the Courts:

ERIC’s advocacy extends beyond legislators and regulators to the courts as well where we fight for the ability of large employers to design and administer their nationwide benefit plans uniformly—free of state taxes, mandates, and compliance burdens—and against false claims and misinterpretations of law that lead to frivolous and expensive class action lawsuits.

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ERIC members have the opportunity to collaborate with peer companies across industries to shape benefits policy before it shapes you. Want to know more? Our staff is here to help.