Paid Leave & State Mandates

In addition to our work at the federal level, ERIC works tirelessly on the state and local levels to advocate on behalf of large employer plan sponsors who have operations in multiple states.

As states and localities have become more aggressive in mandating employee benefits through new laws and regulations, it has become difficult for large employer plan sponsors to maintain compliance with each one.

Created in 2015, ERIC’s State Mandate Action Program™ is a one-of-a-kind interactive resource that provides ERIC members with real-time, actionable information on current and emerging state and local laws and regulations. ERIC’s State Mandate Action Program™ portal helps our members identify legislative and regulatory proposals as they move through the lawmaking and rulemaking processes, and tracks local ordinances as they are published.

ERIC provides member companies with three layers of support:

Knowledge: Updated charts, maps, and explanations of existing state and local laws on several state-focused employee benefits topics affecting large employers

Foresight: Alerts and up-to-the-minute details on proposed new rules that would change how your company offers benefits or complies with state laws

Action: Advocacy and outreach to shape state and local rules to reduce or eliminate mandates, taxes, and compliance burdens

Members can generate maps and reports on specific topics identified by member companies.

“From a company perspective – ERIC has expanded into areas where other groups have not delved – issues that are being managed now at the state level because the federal government is constrained for various reasons. By addressing the issues at the state level in a uniform way – this allows ERIC’s member companies, large employers, to manage their employee base in a uniform way across the USA.”

– Tax and Benefits Corporate Vice President, Fortune 100 Transportation Company

Please share with us the issues that matter most to you and how we can tailor ERIC’s State Mandate Action Program™ to best meet your needs.


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