New Surprise Medical Billing Rules Protect Patients From Predatory Practices

Washington, DC – The following statement is in response to new interim final rules as part of implementing the “No Surprises Act.” It should be attributed to James Gelfand, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, at The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC):

“For far too long, Americans have been preyed upon by unscrupulous practice in the health industry. The new surprise billing rules will protect patients from these unfair bills while helping to keep health care costs under control.

The rules reinforce the intention of the ‘No Surprises Act.’ The law states – and the regulations support – that arbitration will be based upon market-driven rates determined by negotiation between providers and payors. If a provider demands greater out-of-network rates than what other providers in that market have agreed to, the burden is on them to justify it. And arbitration itself will be limited in scope and cost to prevent health care dollars from being wasted on administrative costs.

Starting January 1, surprise bills will be illegal. That is a victory for patients, and ERIC will continue to work with the Administration to close any and all loopholes, and achieve on-time implementation of the law, to permanently protect Americans against these outrageous and unnecessary bills.”


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