ERISA Industry Committee Says Access to Mental Health Care, Pharmacy Costs, and Health Care Transparency Top Concerns of Large Employers

WASHINGTON, August 28, 2023 – The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) today said the results of the 2024 Large Employer Health Care Strategy Survey released by the Business Group on Health (BGH) last week underscores three of the most significant concerns of ERIC members: access to quality mental health services by their employees; out-of-control pharmacy costs; and the need for greater transparency regarding health plan data and quality and cost-effective health care services.
“The Business Group on Health every year surveys large multi-state U.S. employers and this year, the results are unequivocal,” said James Gelfand, President and CEO of ERIC. “Our nation’s largest employers are increasingly concerned about employee access to mental health services. They have had it with skyrocketing prescription drug costs, the challenges employers face trying to get access to the prices they pay, and their own claims data. And, they and their employees want to know cost and quality data to make informed decisions about their health care.”
Gelfand added that the release of the Business Group on Health survey results coincided with multiple efforts by Congress to address employer/employee health benefit concerns.
“With several transparency bills being considered in the House and Senate, including the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Reform Act (S. 1339), which ERIC supports, Congress can, and should, provide a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of American workers before the end of the year.”
To review the executive summary and full report on the Business Group on Health’s 2024 Large Employer Health Care Strategy Survey, click here.


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