ERIC Files Comment with U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) today filed a comment with the Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration as a response to a Request for Information on Possible Agency Actions to Protect Life Savings and Pensions from Threats of Climate-Related Financial Risk (Z-RIN 1210-ZA30

“We recommend the Department not adopt burdensome new requirements such as those contemplated by the RFI, or any reporting targeted at one particular type of financial risk. This approach would confuse plan fiduciaries about the nature of their obligations and initiate a pattern of imposing new reporting obligations,” said Andrew Banducci, senior vice president of Retirement and Compensation Policy at ERIC.

In the letter, ERIC states:

  • It broadly supports streamlining reporting obligations and is concerned with new, burdensome requirements.
  • There is no basis under ERISA for treating climate-related financial risk differently than other financial risks.
  • New reporting based on specific types of risks could spiral into additional burdensome requirements in the future.

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