ERIC Asks for Changes to Nevada’s Paid Sick Leave Legislation

For Immediate Release

Washington, DC – The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) today submitted written testimony to the Nevada State Assembly’s Committee on Commerce and Labor regarding paid sick leave legislation in Senate Bill 196 (SB 196).

ERIC, the only national association that advocates exclusively for large employers on health, retirement, and compensation public policies at the state, federal, and local levels, recognizes the growing importance of paid sick leave. However, ERIC members –the nation’s largest employers – need clear, concise guidelines that do not create a patchwork of laws and regulations in order to provide high-quality paid sick leave policies to their employees.

ERIC’s testimony asked the Committee for several changes to the bill:

  • Clarify the definition of an eligible employee by distinguishing an employee whose principal place of employment is in Nevada from one with an irregular work schedule in the state;
  • Revise the bill to give employers discretionary choice on the carryover of accrued sick leave from year to year, or, at the very least, allow employers to front-load all available paid sick leave without requiring a carryover of unused leave;
  • Provide a definition of family member that mirrors The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 as the bill does not define “family member” or “household member;” and
  • Make language in the bill more explicit about not preempting employer policies that provide more generous paid sick leave or paid time off than what the bill would require

“It is imperative that ERIC members are not burdened with additional administrative requirements if they already meet or exceed Nevada’s paid sick leave standards. Additionally, they need the freedom to be able provide uniform leave for all employees, no matter their location,” said Bryan Hum, Retirement and Compensation Policy Associate, ERIC.

ERIC previously submitted testimony on SB 196 to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Energy in March.

Click here to read today’s testimony.


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