State Health Mandates

ERIC Updates
Apr 29, 2010   ERIC Fights to Preserve ERISA Preemption
Jun 10, 2009   GGRA Files Petition Asking Supreme Court to Overturn San Francisco Health Mandate
Mar 4, 2008   ERIC Continues Fight to Preserve National Uniformity
Jan 24, 2008   States Rolling Out Patchwork Quilt on Health "Reforms"
Oct 22, 2007   ERIC ERISA Preemption Issue Briefs
News Releases
Sep 22, 2009   ERIC Expresses Concern Over Provisions in Senate Finance Committee "Mark"
May 22, 2007   ERIC Supports Health-Care Coverage Expansion, But Concerned About Intrusion on ERISA Preemption
ERIC Policy Statements
Apr 21, 2010   Discussion Points Regarding DOL Proposed Regulation Redefining "Health and Welfare Plan" to Permit State Government Plans to Include Non-Employee Participants
Nov 6, 2009   ERIC Sends Letter to House in Opposition of Shadegg Amendment
May 22, 2007   ERIC Statement for the Record for Hearing on Health Care Reform Recommendations to Improve Coordination of Federal and State Initiatives
Jul 10, 2009   ERIC and NBGH Urge Supreme Court to Consider Petition to Overturn San Francisco Health Ordinance
Mar 28, 2008   ERIC Urges Appeals Court to Affirm Ruling that San Francisco Ordinance is Preempted by ERISA
Jan 10, 2008   Ninth Circuit Issues Stay in San Franciscos Pay-or-Play Health Ordinance
Jan 4, 2008   Court Rules That ERISA Preempts San Francisco Employer Health Mandate
Jan 17, 2007   Appeals Court Strikes Down Maryland "Fair Shair" Law
Jul 31, 2007   Presentation Material for the Massachusetts Compliance FocusOn Call - July 31, 2007
Legislative Documents
Feb 17, 2009   House Education and Labor Hearing Record (May 2007)
Feb 23, 2006   Suffolk County, NY "Fair Share" Health Care Mandate Law
Feb 23, 2006   Maryland "Fair Share Health Care Fund Act"
Feb 23, 2006   Governor Ehrlich's Veto Message for MD "Fair Share" Mandate Bill
Feb 23, 2006   CHCF Healthcare Mandates Brief History