ERIC Continues Push for Change in Missing Participant Audits

ERIC continues to seek changes in the missing participant audit process by requesting an end to closing letters that contain a fiduciary breach finding… More

ERIC Advocates for Legislation to Improve Retirement Security

ERIC has been actively advocating for improvements to the private retirement system. ERIC submitted a statement to the Senate Finance Committee’s hearing on the Retirement Enhancement Security Act… More

protected content Retirement Legislation Introduced, Senate Finance Committee Hearing, Regular Rate Proposal

ERIC submits letters on new retirement legislation and Senate Finance Committee hearing; DOL extends comment period for regular rate of pay proposal… More

protected content ERIC Member Feedback Requested: Draft Massachusetts Regulation Comment Letter

ERIC has prepared a draft regulation comment letter addressing concerns raised by Massachusetts's updated draft regulations related to implementation of the state’s paid family and medical leave program… More

protected content House Ways and Means Committee Paid Family and Medical Leave Hearing; Senate Finance Committee Retir

On Wednesday, May 8, the House Way and Means Committee held a hearing entitled Paid Family and Medical Leave: Helping Workers and Employers Succeed. The hearing was attended by nearly all members of the Committee and lasted for more than four hours… More

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