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protected content San Francisco survey, Drug cost legislation, Surprise billing, and more!

Today we will discuss: (1) Quick survey on compliance with the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance, (2) ERIC and Congressional activity on prescription drug legislation, (3) Surprise billing hearing, employer letter, and legislative update… More

protected content Breakdown of ERIC Health Care Cost Roadmap Letter, Major PBM Mandates Point-of-Sale Rebates, and Mor

It’s another big week for health care in D.C., as we have the rollout of the President’s (mostly dead-on-arrival) budget proposal, more volleys in the prescription drug costs debate, and more… More

ERIC Outlines Top Health Priorities for Congress in New Letter

ERIC submitted a letter to the U.S. Senate, Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on specific legislative solutions for reducing health care costs… More

protected content Alert: Oklahoma Bills would Impact Pharmacy Benefit Plans

Two bills on the move in Oklahoma, Senate Bill 841 and House Bill 2632, would have a big impact on pharmacy benefit plans in the state… More

protected content Rx Rebate Alert – GOP Senator Introduces Bill to End Private Sector PBM Rebates

Just a quick heads up – last night, this draft legislation began circulating, courtesy of Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). Dubbed the “Drug Price Transparency Act,” this bill would do the following… More

ERIC Submits Comments on Maine Biosimilar Bill

Today, ERIC submitted comments to the Maine House Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services regarding Legislative Document 659, which would allow pharmacists to make biosimilar substitutions… More

Alert: ERIC Submits Comments on Arkansas Biosimilar Bill

Today, ERIC submitted comments to the Arkansas House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee on House Bill 1269, which would allow pharmacists to make biosimilar substitutions… More

protected content Rx CEOs Grilled on the Hill – Rx Feedback Needed; Last Call on Caddy Tax Letter

One of ERIC’s top priorities in the 116th Congress is moving forward with repeal of the ACA’s 40 percent “Cadillac” excise tax on employer-sponsored health insurance. As part of our efforts on this, we are working towards 290 cosponsors on H.R. 748, the “Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019,” which could potentially force Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) to bring the bill up for a vote on the House floor… More

protected content Surprise Billing, Rx Update, Wilderness Therapy, Retiree Health and CBAs

Yesterday, ERIC submitted our official response letter to the Senate working group on surprise medical billing… More

protected content Surprise billing, Commonwealth Fund on underinsurance, Rx cost latest, and more!

Yesterday, a huge number of doctor groups came out with a joint document laying out their policy principles for surprise billing legislation… More

protected content Rx rebate mayhem, Amicus filed in 5th Circuit, New caddy data, and more!

Yesterday, the Administration announced its proposed rule to lower prescription drug prices and out-of-pocket costs “by encouraging manufacturers to pass discounts directly on to patients and bringing new transparency to prescription drug markets” … More

protected content Event invite, PCORI – Member feedback needed, Rx hearings, and More!

On Tuesday, February 12 at noon, ERIC is hosting an event with the Coalition for Affordable Prescription Drugs, in which a panel of experts will discuss some of the current goings-on on the Hill, some of the proposals being floated, etc… More

protected content DOL on MHP, State health initiatives, Rx cost update

The government is still shut down, but the system continues to churn. I have a couple relatively quick updates today, as activity continues in those agencies that are not shut down, the states are absolutely keeping busy, and burgeoning prescription drug price hikes are putting pressure on Congress, consumers, and plan sponsors… More

protected content Pre-Conference Health Update on Opioids, Surprise Bills, Caddy

Chalk this up as an ERIC win worth several billion dollars to the employer community – the President has been sent a final opioids bill (H.R. 6, the “SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act”), and the proposed payfor that would have extended from 30 to 33 months the coordinating period during which an employer must pay for kidney dialysis patients was not included. VICTORY! So for now, we are still at 30 months for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients on the employer plan… but we need to stay vigilant… More

ERIC Victory: President Signs Bill Banning Pharmacy Gag Clauses

ERIC applauds lawmakers and the Administration for coming together and banning so-called “gag clauses” in group health plans and individual market health insurance plans… More

ERIC Sends Letter to Hill Opposing ESRD Provision in Opioids Bill

ERIC and members of the National Coalition on Benefits sent a letter reiterating our strong opposition to the end-stage renal disease (ESRD) provision in the House-passed version of the opioids bill… More

protected content Reminders, Surprise Billing, Opioids & Gag Clauses

The Senate has had a very busy week already, and ERIC has a number of opportunities for you coming up, so this will be a quick update to keep you in the loop. You probably saw that an appropriations bill passed too – one that funds the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services, which is paired with a Continuing Resolution to keep the government from shutting down prior to the election… More

protected content Quick Legislative Update, Even Quicker Balance Billing Survey

On the morning of Thursday, September 13, the House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously approved H.R. 6733, the “Know the Cost Act of 2018.” This bill would ban pharmacy “gag clauses,” which prevent a pharmacist from telling a patient if it might be cheaper to just pay cash, rather than use their insurance… More

ERIC Works to Make Prescription Drug Costs More Transparent

ERIC sent a letter to the U.S. Senate urging lawmakers to support S. 2554, the “Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act.” The bill would ban so-called “gag clauses” in group health plans and individual market health insurance plans. These clauses prevent pharmacists from informing a patient that filling a prescription might be cheaper if the patient pays cash, rather than the negotiated copay under their insurance coverage… More

protected content Seattle lawsuit update, Pharmacy gag clause bills advance, FTC biosimilars letter, and more!

This week there has been some progress in ERIC’s lawsuit to have Part 3 of the Seattle hotel health care mandate ruled preempted by ERISA. On September 5, ERIC and the City of Seattle agreed to this order, which was subsequently filed for approval with Judge Zilly. Under the terms of the order, the City will get an extension on their deadline to file a response to our initial complaint. In exchange, the City will not enforce Part 3 of the law, which is the part that mandates hotels of a certain size provide gold-level coverage (80% actuarial value) at a very high affordability threshold (no more than 5% of income)… More

protected content Opioids bill draft released, Summer miscellany

Response Act,” which combined legislation that moved through the Senate Finance, Judiciary, and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committees. The final bill continues to be negotiated, with Capitol Hill staff now indicating that their goal is to vote the package out of the Senate after Labor Day… More

protected content ACA tax delay and HSA bills pass House, Rx gag clause bill advances, Possible Senate opioids action,

I hope you are all having a good week. Congress has been surprisingly busy on health care lately, and ERIC has been very much in the mix. This email will analyze some of this recent activity and look at likely scenarios going forward… More

protected content “Health Week” vs “Employer Week,” Rx Battle, Biosimilars Plan, and More!

According to sources on Capitol Hill, next week the House of Representatives will vote on a number of health-related bills. They have not revealed exactly what those bills will be, but we do have some information… More

ERIC is Working to Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) today submitted comments to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in response to its request for information related to the HHS Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs… More

ERIC Submits Comments to HHS on the President’s “American Patients First” Blueprint

Today, ERIC submitted comments to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in response to its Request for Information related to the HHS Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs… More

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