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protected content 3rd Thurs Call TODAY, Caddy Win, HSA Win, Surprise Billing Setback, and More!

Article by James Gelfand, Senior Vice President of Health Policy This update is long overdue, but we’ve been busy fighting for… More

ERIC Sends IRS Letter on ACA Penalties

We are writing to raise concerns with the process created by the Internal Revenue Service to assess Employer Shared Responsibility Payment penalties under the Affordable Care Act relating to determinations that an employer may have failed to offer affordable, minimum essential coverage to its full-time employees… More

The Lower Health Care Costs Act Works

The Congressional Budget Office’s score of the Lower Health Care Costs Act proves that the bill works… More

ERIC Urges Congress to Repeal the Cadillac Tax

Today, ERIC sent a letter to Congress urging members to pass H.R. 748, the “Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019,” which would eliminate the Cadillac tax… More

protected content E&C Committee Hearing on Surprise Billing – ERIC to Testify and Coalition Letter on Caddy Repeal

Tomorrow, I will be testifying before the House Committee on Energy & Commerce at its hearing, No More Surprises: Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills… More

protected content ERIC Comments on Surprise Billing, HELP Draft, Update on Rx Costs

The primary purpose of this update is to share two letters with you – one is a sign-on from employer trades on surprise medical billing. The other is a more in-depth letter to the Senate HELP Committee on their big health care bill… More

ERIC Comments on Senate HELP Health Care Cost Legislation

ERIC sent comment to the U.S.Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions on the “Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019,” legislation.… More

protected content HELP Releases Major Bill, ERIC Comments on E&C Surprise Billing Draft, and More

Today we will discuss: (1) HELP bill on health care costs, (2) ERIC surprise billing comments, (3) 1557 proposed bill, (4) Proposals on disclosure of negotiated rates, (5) Wellness update… More

protected content 3rd Thursday Call TOMORROW, Surprise Billing, Cost Containment, Cadillac Tax, and More!

First – we will have our 3rd Thursday monthly health care strategy call TOMORROW, Thursday, May 23, at 4 p.m. (ET)… More

ERIC Takes Fight on Surprise Medical Billing to Capitol Hill

ERIC today testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Health Subcommittee in a “Hearing on Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills”… More

protected content Caddy, Surprise Billing, Rx Affordability Proposal

Today we will discuss: (1) Cadillac tax update, (2) House E&C Committee releases surprise billing legislative draft, (3) Senators introduce bill mandating coinsurance be based on net price, (4) FDA finalizes interchangeability guidance, (5) 43 states sue generic manufacturers for price fixing, (6) CAHC releases Rx affordability proposal… More

protected content Surprise Billing, Caddy Tax, EEOC, Rx Bills

We have a few brief updates for you this week related to (1) White House Surprise Billing Event; (2) House Votes on Two Drug Pricing Bills; and (3) Janet Dhillon is Confirmed as EEOC Commissioner… More

protected content Coalition Letter Submitted to on Massachusetts EMAC; Win in the House

As we’ve alerted you to previously, the Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance Contribution is scheduled to sunset at the end of this year, but there is some concern that it may be extended… More

protected content Surprise Billing FAQ, Rx Bill Scores, PBM P&T Committees

I have a brief update for you today on: (1) Surprise Billing, (2) Rx Pricing Bills Pass through Judiciary Committee, and (3) Public Scrutiny of PBM Advisory Committees’ Role in Rx Pricing… More

protected content HDHPs under scrutiny, SF survey results, Rx updates, and more!

Today we will discuss: (1) Cadillac tax update, (2) HDHPs in the crosshairs, (3) ERIC survey results on San Francisco pay-or-play, (4) More settlements on pharma charity schemes, (5) FTC goes after e-prescribing monopoly… More

protected content San Francisco survey, Drug cost legislation, Surprise billing, and more!

Today we will discuss: (1) Quick survey on compliance with the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance, (2) ERIC and Congressional activity on prescription drug legislation, (3) Surprise billing hearing, employer letter, and legislative update… More

protected content Alert: Oregon Proposes Employer Health Care Responsibility Assessment

In Oregon, House Bill 2269 has been amended to include a component of Governor Brown’s proposed Medicaid funding package: an employer health care responsibility assessment… More

protected content Alert: ERIC Signs Letter on Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance Contribution Supplement Tax

want to provide a brief update on the Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance Contribution supplement tax (EMAC)… More

protected content Surprise Billing, Air Ambulances, Wellness, and More!

Today we will discuss: (1) Surprise billing hearing next week, (2) ERIC grandfathering comments, (3) GAO: Air ambulances are a problem, (4) Study: Wellness programs are a bus… More

protected content Alert: Minnesota Health Insurance Claims Assessment Proposed

In the Minnesota Senate, SF 2616 has been introduced by Senators Abeler (R), Jensen (R), Klein (D), and Franzen (D)… More

ERIC Responds to RFI on Grandfathered Health Plans

The ERISA Industry Committee is pleased to submit these comments in response to a recently-issued request for information (RFI) on grandfathered health plans… More

protected content Alert: State Budget Proposals Featuring Employer Assessments

Many states are struggling to fill budget gaps in their Medicaid programs, and rather than addressing the root causes of the problem, they are looking for additional revenue… More

protected content 3rd Thurs. TOMORROW! Snap Grandfathering Poll, ICER on Rx, Surprise Billing, and More

Today we will discuss: (1) Surprise billing letter draws fire, (2) House Ds want EBSA crackdown, (3) ICER report on rebate alternatives… More

protected content Breakdown of ERIC Health Care Cost Roadmap Letter, Major PBM Mandates Point-of-Sale Rebates, and Mor

It’s another big week for health care in D.C., as we have the rollout of the President’s (mostly dead-on-arrival) budget proposal, more volleys in the prescription drug costs debate, and more… More

ERIC Outlines Top Health Priorities for Congress in New Letter

ERIC submitted a letter to the U.S. Senate, Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on specific legislative solutions for reducing health care costs… More

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