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protected content Trump Administration Tax Reform Release

The Trump Administration released a framework on tax reform today. As expected, the framework was simply an overview of the Administration’s key principles on tax reform. In the coming weeks, we will begin to see additional details from the Administration and Congress… More

Tax Reform Can Both Improve the Economy and Protect Employer-Sponsored Benefits

The ERISA Industry Committee is pleased with President Trump’s tax reform framework, which avoids imposing dangerous taxes on employer-sponsored health and retirement benefits… More

ERIC’s Letter to Nevada Assembly on Paid Sick Leave Bill

The ERISA Industry Committee (“ERIC”) recognizes the importance of paid sick leave for Nevada workers, as well as the states’ desire to ensure the care and well-being of its workers. ERIC supports increasing access to paid sick leave, but believe it should be accomplished in a manner that does not hinder employers who already provide quality paid sick leave policies… More

Letter to Paul Ryan Urging Him to Oppose Increasing PBGC Premiums

The undersigned organizations represent thousands of employers who voluntarily provide retirement benefits to millions of workers. As we approach another government funding deadline, we urge you to protect job-creators, workers, retirees, and the retirement security system by opposing further increases in premiums paid to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) by sponsors of single-employer defined benefit plans… More

protected content Alert: Nevada Paid Sick Leave

On Tuesday, Nevada's democratically-controlled Senate passed Senate Bill 196 by a 12-9 vote along party lines. The bill has since been received by the Assembly, also controlled by Democrats, and sent to the Committee on Commerce and Labor… More

protected content UFAs Appear, AHCA Update, Individual Market Stability, Rx “Brand Penalties,” and More

There have been a number of developments in the past several days, so I wanted to make sure you all had the latest – no action needed, just info below. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday in NYC at the In-House Benefits Counsel Network conference, and to seeing many more of you next week at ERIC’s Spring Policy Meeting! Hopefully as many ERIC members as possible will be represented. Now let’s get to the updates… More

Oregon’s State Retirement Savings Plan Infringes on ERISA

The Oregon Retirement Savings Board today approved final rules that apply to the operation of OregonSaves, the state-run mandatory retirement plan. Oregon is the first state, of the seven other states that have passed legislation to implement these plans, to provide regulatory guidance.… More

protected content AHCA Update, Wellness Bill, Nominations, Shared Responsibility, and More

There’s not a whole lot to report on this front since last week. The conservative Freedom Caucus is basically now on board, but problems remain with the moderate Tuesday Group folks in the House GOP… More

ERIC Asks Treasury and OMB for Additional Review of Mortality Table Regulations

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) today submitted a letter to the U.S. Department of Treasury and Office of Management and Budget urging the agencies to deem the defined benefit mortality table proposed regulations subject to Executive Orders 12866 and 13771, causing the regulations to receive additional review, including a thorough economic analysis… More

ERIC’s Letter on Nevada Paid Sick Leave - Senate Bill 196

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) recognizes the growing importance of paid sick leave for employees and the states’ desire to ensure the care and well-being of its workers. We strongly support increasing access to paid sick leave policies for Americans, but believe it should be accomplished in a manner that does not hinder employers who already provide quality paid sick leave policies… More

protected content Alert: Nevada Paid Sick Leave

On Friday, the Nevada Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy passed Senate Bill 196--with amendments--by a 4-3 vote along party lines… More

protected content Alert: New York Paid Family Leave

Yesterday, ERIC submitted comments on New York's proposed rules for its paid family leave program… More

New York Must Not Over Burden Large Employers With New Paid Leave Rules

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) submitted comments to the State of New York Workers’ Compensation Board on proposed rules to the state’s paid family leave program… More

protected content Alert: West Virginia Telehealth Bill Passes Legislature

Last Friday, West Virginia House Bill 2509 successfully passed through both houses of the State's legislature and now awaits the Governor's signature… More

protected content Repeal Update, Chronic Care Bill, Medicare Advantage, FDA Nominee, and More

I hope everyone has had a good week. It’s been a bit of a hurricane here as Congress continues to play “Deal or No Deal” on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It was nice to see and hear from some of you at the Conference Board too – and I hope many of you will come join ERIC in Washington, DC at the end of April for our Spring Policy Meeting – we’re putting together a great agenda and you won’t want to miss the action… More

ERIC Raises Concerns About Lifetime Income Disclosure Act

We are writing to you today in regards to the re-introduction of the Lifetime Income Disclosure Act in the 115th Congress. We applaud your efforts on putting forth policy proposals that focus on the importance of retirement savings for American workers. With respect to the legislation, we remain concerned that the mandate on employers to include the annuitized amount on retirement plan participant statements will only increase the cost to operate a plan and lead to mass confusion among participants… More

protected content Alert: Maryland Paid Sick Leave

Yesterday, the Maryland House gave final legislative approval to a paid sick leave bill, H.B. 1. In March, we alerted you to H.B. 1 and its movement through the General Assembly… More

protected content New York Family Paid Leave Law

ERIC is submitting to the State of New York in response to their proposed paid family leave rules. New York is the fourth state to pass a paid family leave law… More

Nondiscrimination Letter of Endorsement

The undersigned organizations support H.R. 1962/S. 852, companion bills introduced by Representative Pat Tiberi (R-OH), Ranking Member Richie Neal (D-MA), Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Ben Cardin (D-MD), to amend the nondiscrimination provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to protect older, longer service participants in employer-sponsored pension plans… More

protected content Fiduciary, Non-Discrimination, New York New York

Yesterday, the Department of Labor officially delayed the implementation date of the new fiduciary rule until June 9, 2017. ERIC submitted a comment letter in support of the proposed delay… More

protected content Alert: Oregon Assessment on Employers

A bill recently was introduced in the Oregon legislature that would impose a penalty on employers that offer health insurance coverage to employees, but have employees working at least 20 hours per week that receive health care coverage through the State’s medical assistance program… More

protected content Alert: Arkansas Benefits Legislation

On March 28, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed Senate Bill 668 into law after it moved swiftly through the General Assembly… More

protected content Texas Telehealth Bill Passes Senate

Yesterday, Texas Senate Bill 1107 passed the State's Senate unanimously. We alerted you to the bill's passage through the Health and Human Services Committee last week, and it moved quickly to the Senate floor for a vote… More

protected content Mortality Table Comments Submitted

On Wednesday, ERIC submitted two comment letters on the proposed rule updating mortality tables for defined benefit pension plans… More

protected content AHCA Update

So by now you’ve probably heard what happened with the AHCA, the GOP’s repeal and replace reconciliation bill. You’ve seen that President Trump is launching a Twitter war against the conservative House Freedom Caucus. You’ve heard that the moderate faction of the GOP suggests forgetting the whole thing and starting over with bipartisan legislation… More

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