ERIC Files Final Brief in Lawsuit Against Seattle

ERIC has filed its final brief in our lawsuit against the City of Seattle seeking to halt enforcement of the City’s health coverage mandate because it requires, uniquely for Seattle, a specified level of health plan benefits and precludes uniform health plan administration… More

protected content Amicus Brief Updates

On Wednesday, a brief was submitted in support of the defendants, PwC, in Laurent v. PwC… More

ERIC Remains Confident in Lawsuit Against the City of Seattle

ERIC continues to be confident in our lawsuit against the City of Seattle and believes that the City’s latest arguments to dismiss the lawsuit will be rejected by the court… More

protected content Support Requested with Amicus Brief Filing

ERIC has been asked to join an amicus brief to be filed in the 8th Circuit in support of a motion to dismiss by the defendants… More

protected content Update on ERIC’s Seattle Litigation

In August 2018, ERIC brought a lawsuit seeking to invalidate, based on preemption under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Seattle’s ordinance and implementing rules that require the payment of additional compensation to hotel employees unless the hotel employer provides a specified level of health insurance benefits at a low contribution level for the employee… More

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