1/24/19 Financial Wellness Huddle

Thursday, January 24, 2019 (3pm - 3:45pm US/Eastern)
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This is a member-only webinar. *

A monthly 45 minute “huddle” to chat about financial wellness topics. Each “huddle” will focus on one topic and conclude with an open forum for members to discuss any topic on top of mind. This month's topic is:

Financial Wellness through Data Analytics

Employers know that wealth, health and other HR and employee benefit programs represent a key source of financial wellbeing for their employees and their families. And many organizations are beginning to appreciate the value of the data contained in these programs. When done right, a strategic data analysis can unveil the financial wellbeing of program participants and provide insight into programs’ ROI, helping to expose potential employee challenges as well as organizational HR issues. Employers considering using this data - or already benefiting from its use - should regularly confirm that they are collecting the proper data, confident the data is properly organized, aware of this increasingly complex data analytics space and its applications for Human Resources, and have confidence in the methodology used to conduct their analysis.

Doron Scharf and Jonathan Price lead the Segal Group’s Strategic Data Analytics team and will join us to explore these important and evolving issues.

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*If you are not a member and would like to participate in the webinar, please contact ERIC at 202-789-1400 or e-mail: memberservices@eric.org. .