9/15/17 - New Innovations in HSAs and Consumer-Driven Health

Friday, September 15, 2017 (11am - 12pm US/Eastern)
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This is a member-only call.

Join the ERISA Industry Committee for a webinar to discuss the latest innovative strategies and insights for connecting employee health with financial wellness through Health Savings Accounts. This webinar will feature new data showing the value of HSAs as a retirement savings tool and the unique role HSAs play in making health care more affordable and consumer driven.

To register for the meeting, click on the "Register Now" link at the top of this page (you will need your username and password to register). If you need assistance, please contact the ERIC staff at (202) 789-1400 or memberservices@eric.org.

The slides for this call will be posted to this site on the morning of the call in the View Meeting Documents section.