Member Testimonials

Here’s What Your Colleagues Say About ERIC:

"ERIC is the premier employee benefit association in the country for influencing public policy on the concerns and interests of major employers.  ERIC has consistently taken a leadership role in the successful resolution of major public policy issues in Congress, the federal regulatory agencies, and the courts.  ERIC has proven itself over the last 30 years by insisting that common sense and flexibility be available to employers in the benefits and ERISA arena.  It is a membership driven organization with an extremely dedicated, experienced and respected staff.  I highly recommend membership and active participation in ERIC, my colleagues and I have felt a part of shaping the opinions of our leaders and at the same time learning from staff and our peers.  This organization will be extremely important as we face the current challenges in regards to the benefit programs on the horizon.” 


Director, Global Employee Benefits
Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company


“One of the most valued benefits of ERIC membership is the superb quality of government relations advocacy. ERIC enables us to impact benefit and compensation legislation and regulations that no single employer could do on its own. The professional credibility and respect ERIC has with government officials at all levels has added value to our relationships with Members of Congress and federal regulatory officials.”


Senior Vice President, Benefits
Fortune 100 Retail Company


“Our ERIC membership provides us with so much more than top-notch advocacy in Washington. While that is important, I value the forum that ERIC provides to top benefits executives to discuss the current trends and challenges that confront all of us as we work to create benefits plans that better meet our needs and the needs of our employees. With the workforce aging and younger workers less likely than ever to seek ‘career’ employment, ERIC’s attention to these new challenges helps us spot potential trouble before it develops.”


Corporate Vice President, Tax and Employee Benefits Law
Fortune 100 Transportation Company