How is ERIC Different?

What makes membership in ERIC unique, essential, and different from other associations? In addition to the work we do and the value we offer, consider these key differentiators:

Large employers only.

ERIC is the sole organization devoted to advocating exclusively for large employers who provide health, retirement, and compensation benefits to their nationwide workforce. We represent companies that are leaders in every sector of the economy. With a small and focused membership of about 100 companies, our members' priorities are ERIC's priorities.

Federal lobbying.

Many associations report to their members on public policies that are being developed. Their work is often limited to sending comments to lawmakers and regulators. ERIC’s team of seasoned advocacy professionals are registered lobbyists who regularly and proactively meet with policymakers, crafting new proposals, and lobbying to shape the laws and regulations that impact large employers.

State Influence.

Since 2015, ERIC has been shaping state policies that impact large employers and their benefit plans. ERIC has a proven track record that is particularly beneficial for companies with employees in many states. Wins include preventing mandatory cash out or carryover of unused sick leave at year-end and many other paid leave improvements, expanded access to telemedicine, state retirement plan reporting exceptions just for ERIC member companies, and other important policies that support large employers. ERIC not only advocates on the state and local level, it has developed a one-of-a-kind interactive portal of state proposals. The fast-growing State Mandate Action Program™ has become the go-to resource for companies to find and keep track of state and local policies that increasingly threaten the ability to provide uniform benefits to workers across the country. For more on ERIC's state advocacy wins click here.


Benefits of Membership

We are the only national association that advocates exclusively for large employers nationwide to support their employee benefits plans. Learn About Membership

True peer network.

The ERIC membership is only for large employers that sponsor health, retirement, and compensation benefit plans for their workforce, and does not represent individual consultants or vendors, trade associations or industry groups, or small/medium-sized companies with fewer than 10,000 employees. This offers an unparalleled opportunity for a true peer network enjoyed by benefits executives, in-house lawyers, and federal/state government relations professionals at all major companies.

No membership tiers.

One annual fee covers everything for the member company. There are no extra charges for member-only content, no additional subscription fees, no further investments for joining the board of directors, no charges for our extensive database of current and proposed state laws, no charges for as many staff as a member company wishes to participate in ERIC activities, and no registration fees for attending conferences.

Conferences are member-driven.

The agenda and discussion are focused on collaboration and policy solutions for large employers and free of vendor exhibits and sales.

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