ERIC in the News

ERIC’s advocacy efforts are covered by news media from across the country, especially by the trade press. The following are recent news stories that highlight or reference ERIC's efforts to advance legislation and regulations that impact our member companies. These include articles about health care, retirement, legal issues and telehealth.


Employer advocacy group supports Chronic Disease Management Act
Employee Benefit Adviser- 2/13/17

Employer advocacy group supports Chronic Disease Management Act
Employee Benefit News - 2/11/17

Barry’s pickings: The DOL slow walk
PlanSponsor - 2/2/18

Oregonians start saving with auto-enroll retirement plan
Bloomber BNA - 1/26/18

A win for health benefits in the shutdown-ending deal
Forbes - 1/25/18

HSAs can be fixed through bipartisan support — millions depend on it
The Hill - 1/24/18

Cadillac tax delayed again
PlanSponsor - 1/23/18

Congress sends Trump ACA tax blocker bill
ThinkAdvisor - 1/22/18

Oregon launches retirement savings plan
Wilsonville Spokesman - 1/22/18

2020 tax on high-cost healthcare getting closer
Treasury & Risk - 1/18/18

Finance sector thinking long term with 401(k) boosts
Bloomberg Law - 1/16/18

2018 to bring changes to Congress
Pensions & Investments - 1/08/18

Industry targets Obamacare taxes
National Journal - 1/04/18

The year in healthcare: A focus on cost management
Employee Benefit News - 12/27/17

Trump just signed the GOP tax bill: 7 ways it could affect you
Student Loan Hero Blog - 12/22/17

New paycheck rules for millions leave employers scrambling
Politico - 12/20/17

The year in healthcare: A focus on cost management
Employee Benefit Adviser - 12/20/17

For real results, the next HHS secretary must boldly shift to value-based health care
The Hill - 12/14/17

Former Michigan Governor to serve as Chair of DRIVE Health
Healthcare Informatics - 12/14/17

North Dakota lawmakers mull video-only telehealth for first visits
mHealthIntelligence - 12/08/17

Telehealth continues rapid growth but regulatory barriers persist
Society for Human Resource Management - 12/06/17

Family matters - 12/06/17

Obamacare taxes debate involves telemedicine bill
Politico - 12/06/17

Texas Medical Board adopts new telehealth, telemedicine rules
mHealthIntelligence - 12/04/17

How the Senate bill affects employee benefit taxes
Employee Benefit Adviser - 12/04/17

Senate bill may make retirement plans less attractive for some employers
Employee Benefit Adviser - 12/02/17

Oregon launches automatic retirement savings for private workers whose employers lack a plan
The Seattle Times- 12/01/17

Groups make year-end push to delay ObamaCare taxes
The Hill - 11/26/17

OregonSaves serves as a test for state-sponsored auto-IRAs
Society for Human Resource Management - 11/22/17

Oregon's state-sponsored retirement plan faces backlash, lawsuit
HR Drive - 11/21/17

In Oregon, you can now save for retirement. Unless you object.
The New York Times - 11/17/17

401(k)s spared in first draft of Senate tax bill
BenefitsPro - 11/09/17

Senate introduces tax bill, keeps most retirement contributions intact
Pensions & Investments - 11/09/17

Wells Fargo gets industrynext hit support in target-date fund appeal
Bloomberg BNA - 10/31/17

Missing your 401(k) check? The government wants to help
Bloomberg BNA - 10/31/17

OregonSaves: New path or dead end?
Lexology- 10/31/17

‘Golden years’ at risk with 401(k) tax breaks on chopping block
Bloomberg BNA - 10/31/17

Wells Fargo gets industry support in target-date fund appeal
Bloomberg BNA - 10/30/17

Missing your 401(k) check? The Government wants to help
Bloomberg BNA - 10/30/17

Employers to CMS: Want to do bundles right? Emulate us
HealthLeaders Media - 10/26/17

Oregon retirement program faces court challenge
Benesch Benefits Blog - 10/26/17

Groups in scramble to delay ObamaCare taxes
The Hill - 10/25/17

Oregon launches retirement savings plan
Portland Tribune - 10/23/17

Nonprofit seeks finding that Oregon reporting requirement is preempted by ERISA
Lexis Legal News - 10/17/17

ERIC sues Oregon over state-mandated retirement plans
BenefitsPRO - 10/17/17

Cadillac tax, state waivers could resurface with Senate ACA subsidies agreement
Employee Benefit Adviser - 10/17/17

Lobbyists sue first state-run retirement savings plan
Financial Advisor IQ - 10/16/17

A grin from ERISA
Politico - 10/16/17

New mortality tables mean more for PBGC
Pensions & Investments - 10/16/17

The ERISA Industry Committee sues Oregon Retirement Savings Board
Employee Benefit News - 10/15/17

ERIC challenges Oregon reporting requirements for retirement plans
The National Law Review - 10/13/17

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Oregon Retirement-Plan Suit, Bitcoin Boom
The Wall Street Journal - 10/13/17

Industry group sues over Oregon retirement plan
InvestmentNews - 10/13/17

ERIC challenges Oregon reporting requirements for retirement plans
Employee Benefits Blog - 10/13/17

Trump exec order: Potential benefits for employers but questions remain
Employee Benefit News - 10/13/17

Industry group sues over Oregon retirement plan
Barron's - 10/13/17

Employers sue to block OregonSaves requirements
The Oregonian - 10/13/17

Oregon’s new retirement savings plan faces legal challenge
The Register-Guard - 10/13/17

Trump exec order: Potential benefits for employers but questions remain
Employee Benefit Adviser - 10/13/17

Lobbying group challenges Oregon's retirement savings plan
The Associated Press - 10/13/17

Industry group challenges requirement in Oregon's state-run retirement program
Reuters - 10/12/17

Oregon’s private-sector retirement plan faces first legal test
Bloomberg BNA - 10/12/17

ERIC files lawsuit against Oregon Retirement Savings Board
PlanSponsor - 10/12/17

First state-run retirement plan faces legal challenge - 10/12/17

ERISA Industry Committee sues to stop OregonSaves reporting demands
Pensions & Investments - 10/12/17

Oregon’s retirement-savings plan faces legal challenge
The Wall Street Journal - 10/12/17

U.S. health care reform can’t wait for quality measures to be perfect
Harvard Business Review - 10/04/17

IRS issues final regulations about mortality tables
PlanSponsor - 10/04/17

IRS releases new mortality tables for plan sponsors
Pensions & Investments - 10/04/17

IRS publishes final regulations about mortality tables
PlanAdviser - 10/04/17

$475,000 price tag for gene therapy: What's an employer to do?
Bloomberg BNA - 09/27/17

With Graham-Cassidy dead, employers look to more modest reforms
Employee Benefit News - 09/28/17

No 401(k) promises in GOP tax reform framework
Bloomberg BNA - 09/27/17

Employer groups call for repeal of ‘harmful’ ACA taxes
Employee Benefits News - 09/26/17

Republicans could target 401(k)s in tax reform gimmick
Washington Examiner - 09/26/17

Value-based health care gets a boost from the feds
Workforce Management - 09/23/17

What employers need to know about the healthcare fight in Congress
Employee Benefit Adviser - 09/22/17

How employers are preparing for the Cadillac tax
Employee Benefit News - 09/20/17

Employer groups targeting a number of healthcare reforms in Congress
Employee Benefit News - 09/17/17

Quality affordable health care is within our reach
Morning Consult - 09/08/17

OregonSaves strides into breach
The Register Guard - 09/03/17

Sick Leave Equality
InBusiness - 09/01/17

Viewpoint: Congress has no business touching employer coverage
Becker's Hospital Review - 08/30/17

Congress, keep hands off employer sponsored plans in healthcare fights
The Hill - 08/29/17

ERIC Teams With Business Groups to Ask Congress to Protect Employer-Sponsored Health Care
The Hill - 08/26/17

Large employer trade group weighs in on Nevada fiduciary law - 08/21/17

Family Matters
South Jersey BIZ - 08/21/17

Tax reform efforts put retirement plans at risk
Pensions & Investments - 08/21/17

Who's working for you?: ERIC
PlanSponsor - 08/18/17

Fiduciary rule delay comes with its own set of problems
ThinkAdvisor - 08/18/17

A legislative victory for employers
Human Resource Executive Online - 08/17/17

For workers without retirement plans, states step in
The Wall Street Journal - 08/16/17

Large employers wary of state waivers, fear reforms could fall on back of business
InsideHealthPolicy - 08/15/17

New House healthcare proposal a mixed bag for employers
Employee Benefit News - 08/10/17

Lightening the regulatory burden of retirement plan sponsors
Employee Benefits News - 08/10/17

Businesses may bear brunt of move to withhold health care subsidy payments
Society for Human Resource Management - 08/09/17

New survey highlights how employers are innovating in spite of rising health care - 08/09/17

Don't think retirement plans are safe from tax reform
BenefitsPRO - 08/02/17

States to pick up slack on retirement savings as feds back out
CNBC - 07/31/17

Legal or Not, States Forge Ahead With 401(k)-for-Everyone Plans
Governing - 07/31/17

Large Employers Aim to DRIVE the Expansion of Value-Based Care
HealthPayerIntelligence - 07/27/17

Employer Groups Suggest Range of Administrative Changes to Reduce ACA Burdens - 07/25/17

Christie vetoes NJ paid family leave expansion
Employee Benefit News - 07/25/17

Some ACA provisions could be tweaked in other measures
BenefitsPro - 07/24/17

GOP Obamacare retreat will hit insurers on the tax front
MSN - 07/19/17

GOP Obamacare retreat will hit insurers on the tax front
CNBC - 07/18/17

Employers make plan tweaks while watching health overhaul
Bloomberg BNA - 07/17/17

Revised GOP healthcare bill still good for employers
Employee Benefit News - 07/16/17

Advocates and critics await Christie’s decision on Paid Family Leave reform bill
NJTV - 07/12/17

IRS funding bill ban on employer ACA reports seen as backstop
Bloomberg BNA - 07/12/17

How an ACA ‘repeal now, replace later’ strategy could benefit employers
Employee Benefit News - 07/10/17

The hidden subsidy that helps pay for health insurance
The New York Times - 07/07/17

More states adopt tough paid sick-leave laws
USA Today - 07/05/17

Oregon to launch retirement plan for private sector workers
Bloomberg BNA - 06/29/17

Employer group urges Christie to veto paid family leave expansion
Employee Benefit News - 06/29/17

Industry group asks DOL to allow digital benefits disclosures
HR Drive - 06/27/17

Medtronic inks outcome-based contract with Aetna for insulin pumps
Modern Healthcare - 06/26/17

New Jersey’s telemedicine regulations are ready to become law
mHealthIntelligence - 06/26/17

The virtual doctor will see you now
Arkansas Business - 06/26/17

Employer group urges DOL to digitize plan sponsor communications
Employee Benefit News - 06/25/17

Winners and losers of the Senate bill
Axios - 06/23/17

Senate health bill wins corporate favor - 06/23/17

Lobbyists who helped write Obamacare legislation locked out of Republican process
The Washington Times - 06/22/17

New Jersey's telemedicine legislation faces a new controversy
mHealthIntelligence - 06/20/17

Dissent rises in the Garden State
Politico - 06/20/17

Are Roth contributions the answer to retirement savings?
Pensions & Benefits Week - 06/19/17

James Gelfand talsk about the future of the AHCA
SiriusXM POTUS - 06/15/17

Arizona bucks conservative image with progressive law on paid sick leave
The Arizona Republic - 06/15/17

New Jersey lawmakers on track to OK telemedicine legislation
mHealthIntelligence - 06/13/17

New Jersey bill gets some love
Politico - 06/13/17

ERIC & 50 employer groups urge Congress to repeal Caddy tax
InsideHealthPolicy - 06/12/17 (subscription required)

James Gelfand on employer-based health insurance
Washington Journal on C-SPAN - 06/12/17

GOP needs to kill this onerous Obamacare tax now
CNBC - 06/09/17

ERIC to DOL: Streamline health plan sponsors' disclosure requirements
InsideHealthPolicy - 06/09/17 (subscription required)

The private sector can lead in delivery system and payment reform
HealthAffairs Blog - 06/08/17

Plan sponsor groups call for Senate to repeal Cadillac tax, employer mandate - 06/06/17

Retirement industry ready to protect 401(k) tax status
Employee Benefit Adviser - 06/05/17

What plan sponsors need to know now about the fiduciary rule
PlanSponsor - 06/02/17

Texas governor signs telehealth bill into law
InsideHealthPolicy - 05/30/17

New remedies for rising health care costs - 05/25/17

Trump administration pauses ACA cost-sharing subsidies lawsuit
Society for Human Resource Management - 05/24/17

Punching in: Budget week, GOP taking lead on paid leave?
BloombergBNA - 05/22/17

Retirement account taxation is on the table
PlanSponsor - 05/19/17

Doctors' fees in Milwaukee area 41% higher than national average, study says
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel- 05/15/17

States to persist with secure choice
Pensions & Investments- 05/15/17

What's really behind the opposition to state auto-IRAs?
Investment News - 05/10/17

G.O.P. bill could affect employer health coverage, too
The New York Times - 05/09/17

SB196 would require small businesses to provided paid sick days
Las Vegas Business Press - 05/08/17

Business groups urge administration to accelerate market-based healthcare reforms
Compensation.BLR - 05/08/17

Participant understanding of fees improves only slowly
PlanAdviser - 05/05/17

Revised version of health reform still lifts burdens for employers
PlanSponsor - 05/05/17

What health insurance covers could change dramatically if AHCA becomes law
USA Today - 05/04/17

The current status of employer-based insurance: An interview with James Gelfand
The Healthcare Policy Podcast - 05/04/17

GOP health bill jeopardizes out-of-pocket caps in employer plans
The Wall Street Journal - 05/04/17

Retirement plans not out of the woods yet on tax reform
PlanSponsor - 05/03/17

Still a chance for tax changes to retirement plans
PlanAdviser - 05/03/17

Oregon prepares to fight Congress over state-run retirement plans for neglected workers
CNBC - 05/03/17

Senate kills state-sponsored retirement plans for private sector workers
Forbes - 05/03/17

Business groups push for market-based health reform
FierceHealthcare - 05/03/17

What is Washington doing to my 401(k) tax break?
Bloomberg - 05/03/17

When all is said and done, will tax reform spare employee benefits?
Society for Human Resource Management - 05/02/17

Business groups call for accelerating value-based initiatives
The American Journal of Managed Care - 05/02/17

DRIVE Health Initiative urges Trump administration to accelerate market-based reforms: 4 key notes
Becker's ASC Review - 05/02/17

Updated mortality tables are raising concerns
Pensions & Investments - 05/01/17

Congress may take away your 401(k) tax deduction
MSN - 04/28/17

Congress May Take Away Your 401(k) Tax Deduction
Investopedia - 04/27/17

Retirement savings deductions unchanged in Trump's tax plan
Pensions & Investments - 04/26/17

Retirement savings still a potential target in tax reform negotiations
Investment News - 04/26/17

Delayed retirement comes at high cost—to plan sponsors
Bloomberg BNA - 04/27/17 (subscription required)

Health Care Act likely to come before tax reform, ERISA president says
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 04/19/17

Oregon pushes ahead with private-sector retirement plan rules
Bloomberg BNA - 04/19/17 (subscription required)

Retirement savings are in crisis, but state-run plans not the answer
The Hill - 04/18/17

Letter to the editor - Proposed health fee tax
Boston Herald - 04/17/17

Myths vs. facts on employer-sponsored healthcare coverage
Washington Examiner - 04/14/17

Pension group: IRS must analyze life expectancy rule costs
Bloomberg BNA - 04/14/17 (subscription required)

GOP contemplating shift to all-Roth 401(k) system
BenefitsPro - 04/13/17

Stakeholders call for delay, new review on IRS mortality table update
Pensions & Investments - 04/12/17

Why the Senate should overturn state retirement rules
Investment News - 04/10/17

Employers redesigning health plans ahead of Cadillac tax
The Hill Extra - 04/10/17

Proposed law aims to aid workers with retirement readiness
Bloomberg BNA - 04/10/17 (subscription required)

Pension previous hitIndustrynext hit Groups Seek Changes to Life Expectancy Rule
Bloomberg BNA - 04/04/17 (subscription required)

West Virginians shouldn’t have to climb a mountain to see a doctor
Charleston Gazette-Mail - 03/31/17

What do the DOL proposed budget cuts mean for employers? 
Employee Benefit News - 03/30/17

Senate votes to kill city auto-IRA rules
Investment News - 03/30/17

Taxation of retirement accounts is on the table
PlanSponsor - 03/28/17

Republicans in Congress eye retirement account tax reforms
PlanAdviser - 03/28/17

Financial industry requesting longer delay of fiduciary rule
Credit Union Times- 03/27/17

Industry requesting longer delay of fiduciary rule
BenefitsPro - 03/24/17

4 ways the GOP healthcare bill could impact mid-market organizations
Chief Executive - 03/21/17

Individual Market and Uninsured Will Affect Employer Coverage
Health Plan Week - 03/20/17

Employer-backed insurance could take a huge hit from GOP healthcare plan
NBC News - 03/17/17

NORD comes out against bill providing employer insight into employee genetic information
American Journal of Managed Care - 03/17/17

Obamacare paved the way for that Gattaca-style employer's law
Wired - 03/16/17

ACA reform update: What the latest bill means to employer advocates
HR Dive - 03/16/17

mHealth-based workplace wellness programs face Congressional scrutiny
mHealthIntelligence - 03/13/17

Hospitals fear Obamacare repeal may create financial strain
USA Today - 03/12/17

Obamacare replacement doesn't end employers' obligations - 03/09/17

Digital health could come in future Obamacare repeal bills
Politico - 03/08/17

Will the GOP's ACA replacement end the employer mandate and required reporting
Society for Human Resource Management - 03/08/17

Analysis: ACA replacement contains huge tax cuts for insurance firms, but comes at a cost
Chicago Tribune - 03/08/17

The GOP health plan: What employers need to know
Employee Benefit Adviser - 03/07/17

Republicans' Obamacare replacement contains huge tax cuts for insurance companies, but comes at a cost
The Washington Post  - 03/07/17

The GOP health plan: What employers need to know
Employee Benefit News - 03/07/17

Analysis: ACA replacement contains huge tax cuts for insurance firms, but comes at a cost
Albuquerque Journal - 03/07/17

Bill to rescind DOL rule extending pension coverage sparks fierce debate
Chief Investment Officer  - 03/06/17

House ACA bill sets stage CBO score, tax credit battles
Bloomberg BNA - 03/06/17 (subscription required)

Next target: tax breaks for employer plans
Modern Healthcare  - 03/04/17

Employers gear up for next fight after 'Cadillac' tax
Chicago Business  - 03/02/17

Lawmakers try to stop state-sponsored retirement plans - 02/22/17

Secure Choice prospects tested by House vote
Pensions & Investments - 02/19/17

House votes to halt rules on government-run IRAs for small businesses
Society for Human Resource Management - 02/16717

Employers worry GOP Obamacare overhaul could harm coverage
WSYR - 02/16/17

What changing Obamacare may mean for employers
Treasury & Risk - 02/14/17

Could Obamacare shakeup hurt job-based coverage? - 02/12/17

Companies worry over future medical coverage
Times Herald-Record - 02/12/17

Congress poised to halt state-mandated small business retirement plans
Forbes - 02/10/17

State-sponsored retirement accounts would be blocked by resolutions
Bloomberg BNA - 02/09/17 (subscription required)

House resolutions introduced to undo state, city secure choice rules
Pensions & Investments - 02/08/17

Lawmakers try to stop state-sponsored retirement plans
The Wall Street Journal - 02/08/17

Employers worry what Obamacare overhaul would mean for job-based insurance coverage 
The Denver Channel - 02/08/17

Fiduciary rule review gets mixed reaction in plan sponsor world
Bloomberg BNA - 02/06/17 (subscription required)

Employers fret job-based coverage vulnerable in GOP health overhaul
The Connecticut Mirror - 02/03/17

Employers fear GOP overhaul could damage job-based insurance
NPR - 02/03/17

Employers fret job-based coverage vulnerable to fallout from GOP health overhaul
California Heathline - 02/03/17

Employers fret job-based coverage vulnerable to fallout from GOP health overhaul
Kaiser Health News - 02/03/17

Bill introduced to take PBGC premiums off the federal budget
Pensions & Investments - 02/02/17

What Obamacare repeal could mean for employee benefits
Employee Benefit Adviser - 01/20/17

SHRM urges Congress to strengthen employer-based healthcare
Employee Benefit News - 01/20/17

SHRM asks Congress to strengthen employer-sponsored health care under ACA repeal
HR Dive- 01/19/17

Promoting a tax-conscious approach to retirement saving
PlanSponsor - 01/18/17

DOL releases 2nd guidance on fiduciary rule
Pensions & Investments - 01/18/17

Where telemedicine has been, where it's headed
AMA Wire - 01/18/17

Employer advocacy group urges Cadillac tax repeal
Employee Benefit Adviser - 01/10/17

Bipartisan opponents of ACA's Cadillac tax show support for repeal
HR Dive - 01/10/17

5500 tweaks cast light on small-business exemption
Employee Benefit News - 01/10/17

Outlook cloudy for EBSA in new administration
Bloomberg BNA - 01/09/17 (subscription required)

Big players pan modifications to DOL's Form 5500
Pensions & Investments - 01/09/17

Employer advocacy group urges Cadillac tax repeal
Employee Benefit News - 01/08/17

Title VII sexual orientation, DOL appeals temporary injunction, ban the box: Employment Law This Week December 12, 2016
The National Law Review - 12/13/16

FLSA overtime rules enjoined, NY overtime laws, national origin discrimination: Employment Law This Week
The National Law Review - 12/13/16

Michigan to require patient consent for telehealth services
HealthCare Dive- 12/7/16

Proposed health data reporting expansion draws mixed reviews
Bloomberg BNA - 12/7/16 (subscription required)

Groups say Form 5500 proposed updates too burdensome
PlanAdviser- 12/7/16

Congress reignites debate over lifetime income disclosures in 401(k) plans
InvestmentNews- 12/7/16

Groups ask agencies to pull back on Form 5500 modernization
PlanSponsor- 12/7/16

Michigan's new telehealth law requires patient consent
mHealthIntelligence - 12/7/16

GOP to face headwinds if cap on employer tax exclusion moves forward
InsideHealthPolicy- 11/28/16 (subscription required)

Employers urge repeal of ACA reporting rules, one expert expects 2-year transition
InsideHealthPolicy- 11/23/16 (subscription required)

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