ERIC State Alerts & Updates

ERIC provides its members with alerts and updates as bills and proposed regulations as they work their way through the approval process. Below is a collection of past ERIC state and local alerts and updates.

If you have questions about a bill or regulation, please contact Adam Greathouse (health) at or (202) 627-1914 or Bryan Hum (retirement and compensation) at or (202) 627-1917.

2017 Alerts & Updates

Alert: ERIC Submits Comments to North Dakota Administrative Rules Committee

Alert: Massachusetts Releases Draft Regulations for Employer Medical Assistance Contribution

New Resource - State of the State Innovation Waivers

Update on Oregon Litigation

Important Update on Requirement to File in OregonSaves Program

District of Columbia Paid Leave

Texas Medical Board Moves Forward with Implementing Telemedicine

ERIC Files Lawsuit Against Oregon Retirement Savings Board

ERIC Submits Comments on Florida Telehealth Advisory Council

ERIC Submits Oklahoma Section 1332 Waiver Comments

Texas Medical Board Releases Proposed Rules

Massachusetts Governor Submits Request for Relief

Oklahoma Section 1332 Waiver Application

ERIC Comments on Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries’ Proposed Paid Sick Leave Rule

New Hampshire § 1332 Waiver Tabled

Massachusetts Governor Signs Budget - Employer Assessment Still Pending

New Jersey Telehealth Bill Signed into Law

Governor Signs Conditional Veto of New Jersey Paid Family Leave

Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave Alert

Summary: Pennsylvania Senate Bill 780 (Telemedicine)

Governor Christie Must Veto Paid Family Leave Expansion

ERIC Victory: New Jersey Telemedicine Bill Passes Legislature-Sunset Provision Removed

OregonSaves will Force Large Employers to Redirect Costs

ERIC Submits Comments on New York Paid Family Leave

Paid Leave Laws Need Clear, Consistent Language

Massachusetts Governor Submits New Budget Proposal (Assessments on Payers)

New Jersey Telemedicine Update

ERIC Pulls Support of New Jersey Telehealth Bill

ERIC Telehealth Testimony to New Jersey General Assembly Appropriations Committee

Chicago & Cook County Paid Sick Leave Policies Must Not Work Against Each Other

ERIC Supports New Jersey Telehealth Bill

New Jersey Telemedicine Bill Hearing Held

ERIC’s Testimony Supporting New Jersey Telehealth Bill

New Jersey Telehealth Bill ACS 1464 Summary

Nevada Paid Sick Leave Vetoed

New York Paid Family Leave Developments

ERIC Submits Letter to Industrial Commission of Arizona on Paid Sick Leave Law

Oregon State Retirement Update

Nevada’s Governor Must Veto Overreaching Paid Sick Leave Bill

Letter to Nevada Governor Urging Him to Veto Paid Sick Leave Bill

Texas Governor Signs Telehealth Bill Into Law

West Virginia Telemedicine Law Enacted

Nevada Paid Sick Leave Passes

Vermont State Retirement Plan Passes Senate

Montana State Innovation Waiver Legislation Vetoed

Texas One Step Closer to Telehealth Law

Texas Telemedicine Bill Passes

ERIC Asks for Changes to Nevada’s Paid Sick Leave Legislation

Nevada Paid Sick Leave - Testimony Submitted

ERIC Testimony on Nevada Paid Sick Leave Bill

ERIC’s Comments on Washington State’s Proposed Rules on Paid Sick Leave

ERIC’s Letter to Nevada Assembly on Paid Sick Leave Bill

Nevada Paid Sick Leave Passes Senate

Oregon’s State Retirement Savings Plan Infringes on ERISA

ERIC’s Letter on Nevada Paid Sick Leave - Senate Bill 196

Nevada Paid Sick Leave Alert

ERIC Coments on New York Paid Family Leave

New York Must Not Over Burden Large Employers With New Paid Leave Rules

West Virginia Telehealth Bill Passes Legislature

Maryland Paid Sick Leave Update

Oregon Assessment on Employers

Arkansas Benefits Legislation

Texas Telehealth Bill Passes Senate

Nevada Paid Sick Leave Legislation

ERIC Submits Testimony on Nevada Paid Sick Leave Legislation

ERIC’s Testimony on the Nevada Senate’s Paid Sick Leave Bill

Texas and Michigan Telehealth Updates

ERIC Testimony Regarding Texas House Bill 2697 (Telehealth)

Texas Telehealth Bill Passes Committee

Colorado Telehealth Bill Passes

Paid Sick Leave Alert - Maryland Legislation

Vermont’s Proposed Assessment on Employers

Immediate Opportunity: Massachusetts “Fair Share” Proposal

Immediate Opportunity - Telehealth Legislation in Texas

ERIC’s Testimony on Texas Senate Telehealth Bill

ERIC Comments on Oregon Retirement Savings Plan

Comments on Maryland’s Proposed Paid Leave Bills

Immediate Opportunity - Paid Leave Legislation in Maryland