State Alerts & Updates

ERIC provides its members with alerts and updates as bills and proposed regulations as they work their way through the approval process. Below is a collection of past ERIC state and local alerts and updates.

If you have questions about a bill or regulation, please contact Adam Greathouse (health) at or (202) 627-1914 or Dillon Clair (retirement and compensation) at or (202) 627-1917.

2019 Alerts & Updates

ERIC Submits Comments on North Dakota’s Proposed Telemedicine Legislation

Alert: North Dakota Proposes § 1332 Waiver Featuring Assessment on TPAs

Seattle Litigation Update

2018 Alerts & Updates

Alert: ERIC Comments to CMS on Section 1332 Waiver Guidance

ERIC Files Final Brief in Lawsuit Against Seattle

ERIC Remains Confident in Lawsuit Against the City of Seattle

Illinois Secure Choice Update

Illinois Secure Choice Update - Call with the State

Update: Illinois Secure Choice

Update on ERIC’s Seattle Litigation

ERIC Provides Guidance on Proposed Albany Paid Sick Time Law

Alert: New Guidance Issued on ACA Section 1332 Waivers

ERIC’s Comment Letter on Albany County Paid Sick Leave

Illinois Secure Choice Update

Alert: Paid Leave Updates in Texas

ERIC Submits Comments on Proposed New York City Retirement Program

Alert: NYC Fair Workweek Law Changes Take Effect

Alert: State & Local Retirement Program Updates

Alert: Massachusetts One Step Closer to Paid Family Leave

ERIC Victory! Michigan HICA Repealed

Alert: ERIC Victory! Louisiana Reinsurance Proposal Dead

Alert: Michigan HICA Up for Repeal

Alert: ERIC Submits Comments on Louisiana State Innovation Waiver Application

Alert: ERIC Submits Comments on DC Paid Leave Rules

ERIC Submits Comments on DC Paid Leave Rulemaking

Alert: NJ Governor Signs Paid Sick Leave Law

Alert: ERIC Submits Testimony in Support of Pennsylvania Telemedicine Bill

Alert: New York Adopts Secure Choice Savings Program

ERIC Comments on Albany’s Local Paid Sick Law

Alert: ERIC Win in New Jersey Reinsurance Legislation

Alert: ERIC Submits Testimony on NJ Paid Sick Leave Proposal

DC Paid Leave Regulatory Alert

Alert: ERIC Submits Testimony on Louisiana Reinsurance Proposal

ERIC Settles Lawsuit Against Oregon Retirement Savings Board, Secures Exemption for ERIC Members

Alert: California Secure Choice Program Rulemaking Delayed

Alert: Washington Paid Family Leave Rulemaking Enters Phase 2

Alert: Reinsurance Proposals Featuring Employer Assessments

Alert: ERIC Submits Testimony on Connecticut Telemedicine Payment Parity Bill

Alert: Connecticut Considering Telemedicine Payment Parity Bill

Alert: Minnesota Introduces Bill for Report on Highly Benefit Dependent Employers

Alert: Austin Paid Sick Leave

Alert: Oregon Bill would Create an Employer “Fair Share”

Alert: Washington Reinsurance Proposal Funded through Health Carrier Assessment

Alert: ERIC Submits Comments on Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure Proposed Rule

Alert: Oregon Voters Say “Yes” to Measure 101 – Self-Insured Plans Exempt

Alert: Austin Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

Alert: California Secure Choice Retirement Program

Alert: Maryland Paid Sick Leave

Alert: Washington Paid Family Leave