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protected content 3rd Thurs Call TODAY, Caddy Win, HSA Win, Surprise Billing Setback, and More!

Article by James Gelfand, Senior Vice President of Health Policy This update is long overdue, but we’ve been busy fighting for… More

Arbitration Option is Not the Answer to Ending Surprise Medical Bills

As a result of including government-mandated baseball-style arbitration in this legislation, ERIC can no longer support the No Surprises Act… More

The Lower Health Care Costs Act Works

The Congressional Budget Office’s score of the Lower Health Care Costs Act proves that the bill works… More

ERIC Urges Congress to Repeal the Cadillac Tax

Today, ERIC sent a letter to Congress urging members to pass H.R. 748, the “Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019,” which would eliminate the Cadillac tax… More

protected content Alert: D.C. Universal Paid Leave Implementation Roundtable To Be Held By City Council

The D.C. City Council has announced that a public oversight roundtable will be held by the Committee on Labor and Workforce Development… More

protected content ERIC Alert: Multiemployer Legislation Mark-up Scheduled for Wednesday

This Wednesday, the House Ways and Means Committee will mark-up H.R. 397, The Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act of 2019… More

protected content ERIC Alert: Oregon Passes PFML Bill With ERIC Recommendations

On the last day of the state legislative session, the Oregon Senate reconvened and passed HB 2005, establishing a state paid family and medical leave insurance program… More

protected content ERIC Testifies on Uncashed Checks and Permissive Transfers to State Unclaimed Property Funds

Yesterday, I testified on behalf of ERIC before The ERISA Advisory Council on the legal and practical concerns surrounding uncashed checks and state escheatment… More

protected content Health care Executive Order, Senate HELP markup, and more

ERIC has been pounding the pavement on Capitol Hill on your behalf. Perhaps most importantly, today the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee passed the Lower Health Care Costs Act, but earlier this week President Trump also issued a new Executive Order on health care, and there are other big things happening too… More

ERIC Testifies About Uncashed Retirement Checks

ERIC today testified before the ERISA Advisory Council on permissive transfers of uncashed checks from ERISA plans to state unclaimed property funds… More

protected content Retirement Congressional, Regulatory, and Litigation Update

Unfortunately, the SECURE Act continues to stall in the Senate due to the refusal of a couple of Senators to allow the bill to move by unanimous consent… More

ERIC Win: MA Delays Paid Family and Medical Leave Program Deadlines

The Massachusetts Legislature has passed and sent SB 2255 to Governor Baker, officially delaying contribution collection and notice requirements for the state’s paid family and medical leave insurance program by three months… More

ERIC Testifies About the Surprise Medical Billing Crisis

ERIC today testified before the Subcommittee on Health of the Committee on Energy and Commerce at a hearing titled “No More Surprises: Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills”… More

protected content Alert: Massachusetts Plans To Delay Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax Contributions

Massachusetts intends to delay the tax contributions under the state paid family and medical leave program by three months… More

protected content E&C Committee Hearing on Surprise Billing – ERIC to Testify and Coalition Letter on Caddy Repeal

Tomorrow, I will be testifying before the House Committee on Energy & Commerce at its hearing, No More Surprises: Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills… More

protected content ERIC Comments on Surprise Billing, HELP Draft, Update on Rx Costs

The primary purpose of this update is to share two letters with you – one is a sign-on from employer trades on surprise medical billing. The other is a more in-depth letter to the Senate HELP Committee on their big health care bill… More

ERIC Comments on Senate HELP Health Care Cost Legislation

ERIC sent comment to the U.S.Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions on the “Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019,” legislation.… More

40 Business Groups Send Senate HELP Committee Letter on Surprise Billing

ERIC, along with 39 other organizations,sent a letter to the U.S.Senate HELP Committee regarding its draft legislation, the “Lower Health Care Costs Act.” … More

protected content Alert: General Paid Time Off Bills Passed by Maine and Nevada Legislatures

As states continue to address the issue of paid leave, several new policy approaches have begun to be explored by states other than the typical models of paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave insurance that have been fervently discussed this year… More

ERIC joins other trades in push for electronic delivery

Last week, ERIC joined several other trade associations in urging the Department of Labor (DOL) to issue proposed regulations on electronic delivery as directed by the President’s Executive Order on Strengthening Retirement Security in America… More

protected content HELP Releases Major Bill, ERIC Comments on E&C Surprise Billing Draft, and More

Today we will discuss: (1) HELP bill on health care costs, (2) ERIC surprise billing comments, (3) 1557 proposed bill, (4) Proposals on disclosure of negotiated rates, (5) Wellness update… More

ERIC Submits Regulatory Comment Letter on Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave

Last week, ERIC submitted a regulatory comment letter addressing several concerns raised by Massachusetts's updated draft regulations related to implementation of the state’s paid family and medical leave insurance program… More

ERIC Applauds Passage of SECURE Act

ERIC applauds the passage of the SECURE Act and the bipartisan effort to provide greater retirement security. In particular, we appreciate the permanent fix to allow workers to continue accruing benefits in frozen pension plans, the extension of the required minimum distribution rules, and help for student debt repayment… More

ERIC Statement to Ways and Means Committee on Paid Family and Medical Leave

Today, ERIC submitted a statement to the House Ways and Means Committee in consideration of its hearing entitled, “Paid Family and Medical Leave: Helping Workers and Employers Succeed" … More

protected content 3rd Thursday Call TOMORROW, Surprise Billing, Cost Containment, Cadillac Tax, and More!

First – we will have our 3rd Thursday monthly health care strategy call TOMORROW, Thursday, May 23, at 4 p.m. (ET)… More

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