ERIC Surveys

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protected content ERIC Member Survey on Paid Sick Leave

ERIC asked our members to complete a survey to help us better understand their companies’ paid sick leave policies… More

protected content IRS Determination Letter Survey

ERIC conducted a survey of its members, leaders across all industries, on the determination letter program and the IRS curtailment of it… More

protected content ERIC Member Survey on Summary Plan Descriptions

An ERIC member requested that we ask members about handling the electronic distribution of Survey Plan Descriptions for new employees… More

The ERISA Industry Committee Releases New DOMA Poll

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) today released a new poll on health benefits offered by their large employer members to domestic partners. The poll is the third and final poll that addresses the evolution of domestic partner benefits over the last three years… More

protected content Survey on Domestic Partner Health Coverage

ERIC conducted a survey of its members on domestic partner benefits coverage… More

protected content Survey on Summary Plan Descriptions

An ERIC member has requested that we ask members about how you handle the electronic distribution of SPDs for new employees… More

protected content 2016 Employee Benefit Goals of ERIC Members

ERIC surveyed its members on the topics that were most important to them in 2016 … More

protected content Closed Defined Benefit Plans

ERIC conducted a survey on closed defined benefit plans and nondiscrimination testing issues… More

protected content Longevity in Defined Contribution Plans

At the request of our members, ERIC conducted a survey on longevity solutions for defined contribution plans… More

protected content Onsite Medical Clinics

This survey was created to help ERIC refine its understanding of the kinds of onsite clinics maintained by members … More

protected content Overpayments Out of Retirement Plans

The Internal Revenue Service released Revenue Procedure 2015-27, which provides plans with guidance regarding requesting repayments of overpayments to participants and beneficiaries in a plan… More

protected content Benefit Offerings Post DOMA

ERIC members were asked nine questions about their benefit offerings in a post-DOMA world… More

protected content Benefit Offerings to Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Domestic Partners

ERIC polled members on how large employers are structuring/restructuring their benefit offerings to same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partners… More

protected content Employee Expenses Charged to Trust

This survey of ERIC members focuses on if member companies charge employee expenses to the plan trust, as well as what the most common expenses are charged to the plan trust… More

protected content Out-of-Pocket Limits

This survey looked at how ERIC members view, and are responding to, this new cost-sharing limit… More

protected content Investment Advice Arrangements in Defined Contribution Plans

This survey looked at the number of ERIC members who said their plan has an arrangement with a third party to provide investment advice to their plan participants… More

protected content Survey on Members’ use of Wellness Programs

ERIC conducted a survey of its member on their use of wellness programs… More

protected content Credit Monitoring as an Employee Benefit

ERIC member were polled on credit monitoring as an employee benefit… More

protected content Legislative Goals for the 114th Congress

ERIC surveyed its members on the most important legislative goals for the 114th Congress… More

protected content Staffing Agency Fees and Shared Responsibility

ERIC surveyed members about how they were coping with the shared responsibility regulations under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)… More

protected content Use of Brokerage Windows by Large 401(k) Plans

ERIC surveyed members on their use of brokerage windows by large employers… More

protected content Time Limits in Plan Documents

ERIC surveyed its members on if they a time limit for participants to file a lawsuit… More

protected content 40% Excise Tax on High-Value Employer-Sponsored Health Care Benefits

ERIC asked members to give us a general idea of the immediacy of the need for the Dept. of the Treasury to address 6 aspects of the excise tax… More

protected content Health Plan Identifiers, Controlling Health Plans, and Subhealth Plans

ERIC members were asked how many had applied for health plan identifiers and the ease in figuring out which of an employer’s plans are Controlling Health Plans and Subhealth Plans … More

protected content Employer Stock Poll Findings

This survey is in response to the US Supreme Court decision in Fifth Third Bancorp v. Dudenhoeffer… More

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