Membership Information & Benefits

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) is the only national association that advocates for large employers on health, retirement and compensation public policies at the federal, state and local levels.

ERIC is the bridge between those crafting the rules to those who have to comply with them. ERIC brings specific concerns of large employers directly to the policymakers and works with them to develop laws and regulations that support the ability of companies to design, administer, comply with and pay for employee benefits.

ERIC is driven by and for large employers. With fewer than 100 corporate members, YOUR priorities become ERIC priorities, not those of vendors or others providing health or retirement services. 


  • Trusted Community

While there are many groups ‘in town’ that seem to do similar things – ERIC’s community is unique. 

Our members tell us that when they attend an ERIC meeting, a key differentiator is that they feel surrounded by peers at other industry-leading companies, rather than a target for smaller companies or vendors selling the latest service or product. ERIC members learn from each other – sharing their approaches on how they view the evolving health and retirement systems and innovations in how they are providing benefits to their workers, retirees and families. They collaborate with each other and ERIC staff to develop the policy solutions that make sense for large employers. Belonging to the ERIC community is a richer and more sophisticated experience – one that is focused on cross-colleague interaction, where the identity of member companies is private and protected.

  • Tailored Support

We know just how full your plate is - as an ERIC member, you will find that we help lighten your load. Not only will you know the latest developments and opportunities, you will also have ready access to the ERIC staff who are connected directly with policymakers. We are just a phone call or email away to understand what is being considered and how it could impact you, and we will create custom briefings and presentations for your company, tailored to your stakeholders and priorities. 


  • Federal, state and local governments -- and the Courts

Congress and the federal agencies propose new rules all the time, as do states and localities across the country. ERIC not only helps our member companies know what federal, state or local rules are being considered and where the challenges and opportunities are, we also advocate on behalf of large employers to shape the rules accordingly. ERIC’s trusted status and influence, as well as our relationship with policymakers, allow us to see around the corner to what is coming and to shape the final outcome to align with your needs.

When litigation is the best strategy, ERIC also takes the case of large employers to the Courts with amicus briefs and other filings.

  • Health, Retirement and Compensation Public Policy Influence

There is inherent when governments make new rules without full appreciation for the real world impact they may have on the lives of millions of beneficiaries – such as through added reporting, recordkeeping, compliance and other costs on employers. ERIC helps policymakers understand the importance and value of what America’s large companies are doing: providing health, retirement and compensation benefits to their employees and families across the country, along with well-being programs, innovations to improve the cost and quality of health care and retirement savings initiatives and incentives.


  • Expert Analysis 

New ways to tax, regulate or mandate employee benefits are being considering and developed all the time, at the federal level and in individual states and localities. These measures may be hundreds of pages of regulations or political statements not likely to advance. ERIC staff puts is all into perspective, distilling the key points, providing a real time analysis and interpretation, with relevant, actionable, understandable information. Our members tell us that when they receive an email from ERIC, they know it will cut through the legalese, be meaningful to them as a large employer plan sponsor and give them options on how to proceed.

  • Timely Updates

ERIC informs members immediately whenever new proposals are being developed, or when new laws or regulations emerge, so members know whether they need to be concerned about them, what political and policy forces are behind the rule, and what next steps they and ERIC can take to address them.

Now is the time to become an ERIC member. To take the next step, and join your voice with your colleagues at other large employers shaping employee benefit and compensation public policy, please contact Deborah Chin, Senior Vice President for Strategic Development, at or 202-789-1400.