ERIC Membership Value Proposition

COLLABORATION, ADVOCACY, and ANALYSIS: Protecting Employee Benefits

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) provides the bridge between those who craft the rules and those who must comply with them. As the one organization that exclusively represents the health, retirement, and compensation priorities of large employers, ERIC works with federal, state, and local governments. ERIC staff advocates for balanced laws and regulations that support a company's ability to comply, as well as to design, administer, and fund employee benefits.

Driven by and for large employers, ERIC represents the plan sponsor perspective; the specific goals of our corporate members are the sole focus of ERIC's actions.

The ERIC Membership Value Proposition


  • Trusted Community

Members say through ERIC they experience a dynamic community of their peers from other industry-leading companies. ERIC members learn from each other, freely sharing their views of the evolving health and retirement systems and their innovations in providing benefits to their workers, retirees, and families. They collaborate with each other and ERIC staff to develop policy solutions that make the most sense for large employers. Protecting the identity and privacy of its member companies, ERIC offers an effective forum that fosters cross-colleague interaction.

  • Tailored Support

ERIC knows how busy its members are, and works hard to lighten the load. Just a phone call or email away, ERIC provides ready access to its senior staff, who have direct connections with policymakers. Members can get questions answered and clarification on rules under consideration and their potential impact. In addition, ERIC creates custom briefings and company presentations, tailored to internal stakeholders and member priorities.


  • Federal and State Influence

Congress and federal agencies continually propose new rules, as do states and localities across the country. ERIC not only keeps track of all these proposals and the challenges and opportunities they present, but also advocates for members to help shape the final outcome. ERIC’s trusted status, influence, and relationships with policymakers enable it to look around the corner to see what is coming and work to align outcomes with member needs. Furthermore, when litigation is the best strategy, ERIC takes the case of large employers to the Courts with amicus briefs and other filings.

  • Health and Retirement Policy

ERIC realizes the inherent risk governments face if they make new rules without full appreciation for the real-world impact on the lives of millions of beneficiaries. Added reporting, recordkeeping, compliance, and other costs can hinder the employer’s ability to provide health, retirement, and compensation benefits. ERIC helps policymakers understand the importance and value of what America’s large companies are doing: providing benefits to their employees and families across the country, along with innovations to improve the cost and quality of health care, well-being programs, and retirement savings initiatives and incentives.


  • Expert Insight

New ways to tax, regulate, or mandate employee benefits can be buried in hundreds of pages of federal, state, or local regulations. ERIC puts it all into perspective, including the likelihood the measures will advance. The ERIC staff distills key points, providing real-time analysis and interpretation with clear, relevant, and actionable information. When members receive an email from ERIC, they know it will cut through the legalese, deliver insights meaningful to them as a plan sponsor, and present options on how to proceed.

  • Timely Updates

ERIC informs members immediately about proposals under development and when new laws or regulations emerge. Members know right away whether or not they need to be concerned, what political and policy forces are behind the rule, and the next steps they and ERIC can take to address them.

Now is the time to become an ERIC member. Add your voice to other large employers in shaping employee benefit and compensation policy.Take the next step by contacting Deborah Chin, Senior Vice President for Strategic Development, at or 202-789-1400.

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