Member Testimonials

Here’s What Your Colleagues Say About ERIC:

ERIC’s Value to Members

“I’ve been a member of ERIC while leading benefits at multiple companies over the years. ERIC provides value that far outweighs the annual dues amount. There have been so many issues that have come up that ERIC has been able to influence; there is a much bigger ROI compared to what we pay for other resources.”

- Vice President, Corporate Total Rewards, Global Fortune 500 Cosmetics Company

“I think the value we receive is multi-faceted. The updates that the experts provide us are invaluable. As busy executives there is too much volume to read and absorb. ERIC distills this to the essence of what executives need to know. Truly, the benefit goes beyond the executive to the entire organization – HR, benefit administrators, legal, government relations – it would be a real loss if we didn’t have that resource.”

- Senior Government Relations Executive, Fortune 100 Industrial Manufacturer

“From a company perspective – ERIC has expanded into areas where other groups have not delved – issues that are being managed now at the state level because the federal government is constrained for various reasons. By addressing the issues at the state level in a uniform way – this allows ERIC’s member companies, large employers, to manage their employee base in a uniform way across the USA.”

- Tax and Benefits Corporate Vice President, Fortune 100 Transportation Company

“ERIC is the one organization that allows us to influence policy going forward, instead of just analyzing what just happened. Belonging to ERIC means you get to share and interact with the leaders in the benefits space. The biggest voices in ERIC are the folks that are progressive thinkers and want to improve the system, not just react to it. In particular, the interactions with policy and regulators afford us the ability to have needed dialogue to dispel the dispersions of what they think employer motivations are and aren’t.”

- Director, Benefits Strategy and Governance, Global Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

"ERIC is the premier employee benefit association in the country for influencing public policy on the concerns and interests of major employers. ERIC has consistently taken a leadership role in the successful resolution of major public policy issues in Congress, the federal regulatory agencies, and the courts.  ERIC has proven itself over the last 30 years by insisting that common sense and flexibility be available to employers in the benefits and ERISA arena. It is a membership driven organization with an extremely dedicated, experienced and respected staff. I highly recommend membership and active participation in ERIC. My colleagues and I have felt a part of shaping the opinions of our leaders and at the same time learning from staff and our peers. This organization will be extremely important as we face the current challenges in regards to the benefit programs on the horizon.”

- Director, Global Employee Benefits, Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company

ERIC's Advocacy

“One of the most valued benefits of ERIC membership is the superb quality of government relations advocacy. ERIC enables us to impact benefit and compensation legislation and regulations that no single employer could do on its own. The professional credibility and respect ERIC has with government officials at all levels has added value to our relationships with Members of Congress and federal regulatory officials.”

- Senior Vice President, Global Benefits, Fortune 100 Retail Company

“ERIC has a unique advocacy influence – one that is very confident and competent. ERIC has the ability to help us bring our voices to the table when and where appropriate. It is hard for any one company to go up against government on something that isn’t desirable. Being under the ERIC banner is helpful – with ERIC we are heard.”

- Director, Benefits Strategy and Governance, Global Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“I think the biggest piece of member value is that ERIC is the organization that helps me influence what is GOING to happen – rather than other organizations that are solely sources of information of what HAS happened. ERIC also does the reflective piece, and they share how to use the legislation and regulations.” - Vice President, Global Benefits and Wellness, Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Company

ERIC's Collaboration

“The uniqueness of the ERIC community is that it really is just large employers – and we are all in it together. While we may have unique issues, the overall issues we face are large employer issues. You also see some of the issues we are facing and there is comfort and a power in addressing them together.”

- Vice President, Corporate Total Rewards, Global Fortune 500 Cosmetics Company

 “The level of expertise of the members is just tremendous. I learn something at every meeting from other members, specifically how they have dealt with similar issues as mine in their organization. The quality of people who attend is impressive.”

- Senior Government Relations Executive, Fortune 100 Industrial Manufacturer

"On a personal level – the value of ERIC is the ability to interact with peers in organizations that are similar to mine and come together to influence what impacts us on a day to day basis. ERIC is there to support us in a way we can never do ourselves. For the value of ERIC for our team and company – the information we get from ERIC directly relates to the work we do on compliance. ERIC is out front on compliance information and focuses on what is pertinent that will impact us. If I had to rely on my outside counsel or my consultants to distill what is in a 500 page regulation, it would take much longer for a much higher cost - ERIC does that at a high level so we know where our pain points are.”

- Vice President, Corporate Total Rewards, Global Fortune 500 Cosmetics Company

“Our ERIC membership provides us with so much more than top-notch advocacy in Washington. While that is important, I value the forum that ERIC provides to top benefits executives to discuss the current trends and challenges that confront all of us as we work to create benefits plans that better meet our needs and the needs of our employees. With the workforce aging and younger workers less likely than ever to seek ‘career’ employment, ERIC’s attention to these new challenges helps us spot potential trouble before it develops.”

- Corporate Vice President, Tax and Employee Benefits Law, Fortune 100 Transportation Company

ERIC's Analysis

“ERIC updates are one of the first things I read. They are long enough to give you the information you need, are timely (almost to the minute), and are actionable. If we didn’t have the large employer voice through ERIC, our lives would be much more difficult.”

- Vice President, Corporate Total Rewards, Global Fortune 500 Cosmetics Company

“The most important things I get from being engaged with ERIC are the expert analysis of what is coming over the horizon at us, a filter for the complex regulations and a focus on how they apply to my business.”

- Associate General Counsel, Fortune 100 Financial Services Organization


Benefits of Membership

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